The wobble chair

The wobble chair is an ergonomically designed chair that allows and promotes movement while sitting. Often these chairs are created more as a stool, however, there are varying design options. Some chairs, like the ones in our office at Whole Body Healthcare, are structured with a larger seat and arms on the side. These chairs have one important feature, no back! Wobble chairs are designed so the sitter must use lower back muscles and core muscles. The goal is to sit up straight and move often while working.

The wobble chair features a specially designed seat that provides 360 degrees of rotation, 40 degrees of side-to-side flexion, and 35 degrees of front to back flexion. This special chair helps treat back pain and gain spinal flexibility.

Watch this video from Arek Parker, Massage Therapist & Rehab Manager at Whole Body Healthcare:


Different types of exercises you can do on a wobble chair:

Mid back to pelvic stretch:

  1. Front and back movement while sitting
    1. Arch back, then round out back
    2. Most of the movement should be in the hips
  2. Side to side movement while sitting
    1. Hip dip while holding the arm rests
      1. Don’t move the upper body
    2. Hip dip without holding the arm rests
      1. Tests your balance more
      2. Have hands ready to grab arm rests so you do not fall
    3. Hip dips with arm crossed like a genie
      1. Bring arms up to bring more stretch higher up in spine
    4. Hip dips with arms behind head
      1. Do not interlock your fingers
  3. Circles made with the hips
    1. Hands on
    2. Hands off
  4. Squares (same and circles but make a square)
  5. Figure 8’s

The point of these exercises is to test the patient’s balance and core muscles. The wobble chair is used at Whole Body Healthcare as a warmup before getting a chiropractic adjustment or other physical therapy treatments to help with pain.

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