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If you are in search of a chiropractors in Baltimore or our chiropractors in Parkville, it makes sense to choose an experienced doctor you can trust. Our comprehensive approach at Whole Body Healthcare ensures that we give you the best opportunity to achieve health.

Many individuals believe chiropractic care can do little more than relieve pain in the neck and back regions. However, chiropractic was developed to treat a much wider range of conditions than just back or neck pain. In fact, the first spinal realignment performed by D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, aimed to restore the hearing function of a man who had been deaf. After an adjustment that relieved the inflammation of neural pathways in the man’s body, he could hear once again! After making miracles reality, D.D. Palmer sought to bring chiropractic’s healing properties to the masses.

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No one should suffer constantly from pain stemming from preexisting conditions or injuries that never seem to heal. Chiropractic care can help patients dealing with a myriad of health problems find lasting relief. Most healthy people do not realize that chiropractic care can even be beneficial for improving their immune system function and strengthening their vitality. Day-to-day life can be draining not just on the mind, but the immune system. By seeking wellness care at our clinic, minor adjustments can ensure your body stays running like a finely-tuned machine, ready to conquer every day’s challenges.

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Patients regularly underestimate the amount of training and education chiropractors must undergo before fully allowed to practice. In fact, chiropractors have among the most rigorous coursework required in the medical field. The amount of schooling required is on par with that of physicians. Once chiropractic students make their way through the basic medical coursework in their undergraduate studies, they must be accepted and graduate from a 4-year chiropractic college. Throughout their four years at a highly-specialized chiropractic college, their knowledge is constantly being built and tested.



Chiropractic works by making carefully placed adjustments to realign your spine. These adjustments allow the muscle tissues to properly support the spine and vital neurological processes that occur within it. When the spine is able to function without interference, the body is better able to facilitate healing, thereby relieving pain and restoring health in a variety of ways.

Rest assured, you will be in good hands with the chiropractic team at Whole Body Healthcare. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. We are here to help you achieve your health goals.



"I feel like I am in the best condition I can be in because of the staff at Whole Body Healthcare! The staff treat me as a family member and seem to be genuinely interested in my progress. Thank you Dr. Darcus for finally getting my midback to relax. Thank you to the Whole Body Healthcare rehab team for always keeping an eye on me and not letting me take shortcuts. I cannot wait to run and sit crisscross apple sauce."
- G.J.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Whole Body Healthcare! I went there for numbness in my fingers and pain in my shoulder area. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt so welcomed and cared for. All the staff are so caring and attentive! They walked me through everything and told me what to expect. i really like that Maureen sat with me and explained how my insurance worked so I knew upfront before I agreed to care any cost I would have. Whole Body Healthcare has changed my life! I will and have recommended this place to everyone I know! Love you all thank you for helping me restore my life and finally get out of pain!!”
- Kira C.