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Your neck bears the full weight of your head — around 12 pounds — and moves in all directions, making it highly susceptible to injury. With his chiropractic expertise, Michael A. Dorn Jr., DC, provides cervical manipulations to help you heal from those painful neck injuries. Whole Body Healthcare is dedicated to nonsurgical, medication-free neck treatment. Call or use the online scheduler to set up an appointment at the Baltimore office.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

A range of underlying neuromuscular irregularities could be the cause of your neck pain. Any activity that jolts your neck or causes poor alignment could result in a painful neck injury. Most cases of neck pain are caused by one of the following:

Muscle strain

Stress and tension in the neck can cause the muscles to tighten, leading to muscle strain. Straining your neck during physical activity can also cause muscle aches.


Any trauma that causes the head to bend and snap back into position suddenly may cause a neck injury. Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries from events like car accidents.

Poor posture

Sleeping in an awkward position or sitting with poor posture for extended periods of time leads to muscle strain and weakness, making you susceptible to injury.

Pinched nerve

Any time a vertebra slips out of alignment, it can put pressure on the nerves in your neck.

Degenerative disorders

Conditions like cervical disc disease, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis wear down the structures of the neck. The risks for these disorders increase with age.

How do you diagnose the cause of neck pain?

After asking questions about your health and habits, Dr. Dorn assesses your condition with physical and neurological exams. He may order X-rays, CT scans, or other imaging tests to identify the cause of your pain. If he suspects nerve damage, he may use electromyography to test your nerve reactivity.

What treatment options do you provide for neck pain?

Dr. Dorn performs cervical spine manipulations to help increase your range of motion and relieve pain for a variety of ailments. He can also send you home with a series of exercises to stretch and strengthen your neck.

Proper ergonomics and posture help prevent neck pain, so Dr. Dorn provides counsel on alignment as well. If necessary, he may recommend on-site physical therapy. If your injury is outside the scope of chiropractic care or physical therapy, Dr. Dorn can refer you to the proper specialist.

If neck pain is interfering with your quality of life, call or use the online scheduler right away.