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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Whole Body Healthcare! I went there for numbness in my fingers and pain in my shoulder area. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt so welcomed and cared for. All the staff are so caring and attentive! They walked me through everything and told me what to expect. i really like that Maureen sat with me and explained how my insurance worked so I knew upfront before I agreed to care any cost I would have. Whole Body Healthcare has changed my life! I will and have recommended this place to everyone I know! Love you all thank you for helping me restore my life and finally get out of pain!!”

- Kira C.

"I feel like I am in the best condition I can be in because of the staff at Whole Body Healthcare! The staff treat me as a family member and seem to be genuinely interested in my progress. Thank you Dr. Darcus for finally getting my midback to relax. Thank you to the Whole Body Healthcare rehab team for always keeping an eye on me and not letting me take shortcuts. I cannot wait to run and sit crisscross apple sauce."

- G.J.

"I was referred to Whole Body Healthcare to treat should pain and knee injuries. The staff explained the principles of the office thoroughly and suggested a treatment plan. Over my six-month treatment plan, I received TPI shots and PRP injections in both knees and shoulders. Combined with physical therapy, my range of motion, and strength improved while pain subsided. Just this week I was able to see a 30-pound increase in snatch and a 50-pound increase in my overhead squat lifting movements. I am grateful for all the staff input into my treatment plan. Assistants are extremely helpful. The Nurse Practitioner is efficient and knowledgeable about where shots should be placed for relief. The physical team is also amazing. Everyone works together well in developing and executing treatment. As a patient, all I had to do was show up, put in the work, and trust the process. Thank you all!"

- B.H.