There are not enough good things I can say about Whole Body Health Care. The personally tailored rehab I’ve received and continual tracking of my progress and adjusting my treatment accordingly has been amazing. I have seen a huge improvement in my knee, especially with taping. Examinations are through and I love how the doctor checks in with you every step of the way. I also love how knowledgeable the doctors are and explain to me what’s going on in my body. The staff are extremely friendly, it’s always like seeing old friends! Overall, I’ve had a great experience at Whole Body Healthcare and am thankful my friend recommended them.

– Sara T.

The upstairs Admin, Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants, the Nurse Practicioner, and Medical Assistant-Everyone here is extremely kind and vested in seeing you increase your function and decrease pain. I started therapy not long ago and could not be happier with my care.

– Arek P.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Whole Body Healthcare! I went there for numbness in my fingers and pain in my and shoulder area. From the moment I walked in the door I felt so welcomed and cared for. All the staff are so caring and attentive! They walked me through everything and told me what to expect. i really like that Maureen sat with me and explained how my insurance worked so I knew upfront before I agreed to care any cost I would have. Whole Body Healthcare has changed my life! I will and have recommended this place to everyone I know! Love you all thank you for helping me restore my life and finally get out of pain!!

– Kira C.

I have been with Whole Body Healthcare since 2019. My whole body needed help. My left shoulder and knee are feeling good after I had natural injections in both. My left shoulder and knee are good. The right shoulder, knee, and neck are feeling better today, but I need more time and help. Whole Body Doctors, Nurse-Practitioner and Technical Support are all very helpful with therapy. The entire staff is great.

– Patricia C.

Whole Body Healthcare has not only helped get me out of pain but I now understand why I was having so much pain and how to make sure I continue to stay out of pain! The staff are professional and extremely knowledgeable! Any questions I have had have been answered right away! I like that the whole team sits down and comes up with a treatment plan for you. I think it’s amazing that I can literally go to any staff member and they will know my name and what I am in the office to get help with! From the front desk receptionist Dallas to all of the Chiropractic assistants everyone knows my name and what I am there to accomplish! Even the employees that are really involved with the patient car side of the office know every patient by name and what is going on with them. I have had the pleasure of interacting with just about every staff member at some point so far during my care and everyone of them have treated me as if I am family. We need more medical offices like this! They are changing healthcare one back at a time!

– Trevor E.

This place is incredible. Spent 3 years getting a bunch of the problems fixed and has helped tremendously. BIG shoutout to Dr. Getzke and Dr. Nickerson for all the adjustments and support!

– Steve S.

Fantastic experience! Been going for about a year and the kind of unique care I have been getting was just what I needed. Started going for lower back pain and received a well detailed consultation and explanation of care. Safe to say I’m doing great!

– EC B.

I thought my knees was in very bad shape, to get better. Oh I was wrong.. I AM PAIN FREE.
My time and experience spent here was wonderful, everyone is so caring… , im still getting stronger everyday. I’m still in therapy, and doing everything possible to feel normal again. This is a very special place that I hold dear to my heart. I thought I was always gonna be in pain… , I’ve been telling everyone..
I wanna thank everyone for the special job that you are doing, you are saving people… and I was one of them

– Tracey L.

I was treated here after a painful back injury. I could barely walk when I arrived and had tremendous relief after just a few visits. Thanks to the great staff for helping me!

– Ralph L.

Great staff and great service. I couldn’t ask for anything else. I love it there.

– Derrick S.

Ive only been going for a week now And already feeling the benefits of chiropractor care. One, edema in the right leg went down tremendously. Two, the light stretching of the neck relieved back pain. Three, i sleep better now because of less pressure on the body.
Thx Doc!
Thanks Dr. Dorn.

– Kim F.

Dr. Dorn and his staff really care for their patients. They have daily meetings and discuss options to enhance the quality of life and health for their patients. I have always had a great experience and my quality of life is much better it was before

I have more mobility and freedom to walk and to enjoy life much better now. I in late May, I lifted heavy furniture in my apartment, by myself, because our apartment complex is on lockdown mode restricting visitors from entering.

I was completely bedridden and went to Union Memorial Hospital and then was sent to a terrible rehabilitation facility. During that time, I thought my life was over and had nothing to look forward to in that condition I was in.

I resumed my therapy at “Whole Body Health Care”. Dr. Dorn was using new technology including “Back on Track” and “Knee on Track”. The equipment give you a deep stretch without any pain. Great Job and Thank You for all of your help and treatments.

– Ted K.

The team did a great job of figuring out what caused my pain and an even better job of explaining the reasoning behind the why!

– Danny A.

I am please with the way my Regenerative treatment is progressing. The WBH staff is great – from front desk to docs, eveyone is attentive and interested in helping me reach my health goals.

– Debi C.

The Staff is very comforting and knowledgeable. I recommend them to any one that has knee or back pain… Doctor Dorn is a Wizard!

– Donaven B.